About Me

My name is Kesha Nicole aka Nikkinicolesew, and I am a fashion designer, sewist, and lover of all things artistic. Welcome to my DIY sewing and fashion blog! I returned to my original love of sewing Fall of 2017 after an almost nineteen year hiatus from sewing. I began learning how to sew when I was eight years old and continued until I was in high school. I stopped to pursue what I felt was a more practical career choice, which was accounting. I went on to get my bachelors of Science in Business Management and Accounting and then later a Masters of Science in Accountancy. I currently work as a accounting consultant in multiple industries, including fashion and retail. When I’m not working I am a devoted student to all things fashion, design and sewing. I take fashion courses at Long Beach Community College as well as Sew It! Academy.

It’s funny how life has a way of circling itself to be here all these years later returning to my original love of sewing and fashion design. Through divine providence I somehow stumbled across Mimi G’s Instagram account and she re-sparked and inspired my return to sewing.

My style esthetic is a mix of bohemian, avant-garde, and large part classic tailoring often with a twist. I hope you enjoy my website and find your own inspiration among my DIY makes, original designs and the fashion that inspires me.